There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that taking care of our planet should be a priority for any industry. This includes the construction industry, and DKL believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that we are playing our part in offering sustainable building practices. 

That’s why we provide a recycling service for building materials – including steel, glass, timber, and concrete. By recycling these materials, we can not only help to cut down on waste but also create new products from old ones. This is a sustainable way of operating that benefits everyone involved. Building materials make up a high percentage of landfill waste, and the production of concrete is a high contributor to global emissions. By recycling to re-use, DKL ensures that our impact on the environment is significantly reduced, while also providing our clients with the opportunity for their waste to avoid the landfill and be put to better use.

When conducting our demolition projects, rather than just demolishing a building, loading the debris onto a truck and trailer, and sending it off to the skip, DKL Projects ensures that all re-usable materials are salvaged.

There’s no “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to sustainable building practices, so we ensure that we remove all windows, steel, and usable timber before sending it along to our yard in Whenuapai where it will be sorted and repurposed for future projects. Concrete foundations are also ground down and removed from the site so that it may be used again in some form, such as aggregate or fill.

How are Recycled Construction Materials Used?

Steel Frames, Copper Pipes, and Roofs

All metal-based materials are stripped from the property and taken to the scrap yard. Here they can be melted down and returned to their raw materials. These materials can be reused in the production of new steel frames, copper pipes, and roofing materials.

Windows and Glass

Window and glass recycling is one of the most well-known and commonly used forms of recycling. All glass is cleaned and sorted by type and colour. The glass is then crushed into very small pieces, which are known as “cullet.” The cullet is then used in the manufacturing of new glass products. If window and ranch slider panes are in good condition, there’s no need to break them down. They can be reused as-is in future builds and renovations as windows and doors.


When demolishing a site, DKL Projects takes care to ensure as little timber is damaged in the process. If the timber isn’t warped or water logged, it is possible to take this timber and reuse it in future projects. This is especially important for native timber, which can be difficult to come by. All other timber is taken to the sawmill where it is cut down into smaller, more manageable pieces and reused in other products.

Reusable building materials
Reusable building materials


After a building has been demolished, the concrete slab is ground down into smaller pieces. These pieces are ground down and can be used as aggregate, serving a similar purpose as stone or gravel would. This makes it a perfect material for the base of roads, sports fields, sound barriers, and car parks.

The Impact The Construction Industry has On The Environment

At DKL Projects, we are continually developing new methodologies to reduce the impact we have on the environment. We don’t wait to be told to do it, rather choosing to lead the charge into adopting sustainable building practices. Recycling building materials is one way that we can have a positive impact on the environment and ensure that our practices are as green as possible. The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment. From the production of concrete to the manufacture of steel, almost every step in the construction process has an environmental cost. By recycling and reusing building materials, we can help to offset some of these costs.

Concrete is a key material in construction, with over 1.3 billion cubic metres being produced each year. The production of concrete releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it is estimated that the concrete industry is responsible for around 5% of global CO2 emissions.

Recycling building materials helps to reduce the demand for new materials, which in turn reduces the amount of energy required to produce them. It also reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Recycle For Re-Use – We Can Recycle Your Construction Materials

While we recycle any salvageable materials from our demolition services, we have also made our recycling facilities available to you. We can recycle your:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Concrete

And more!

Bring your construction materials to us and we will recycle them for you. We are committed to doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry. Contact us today to learn more about our recycling services.

Don’t waste time and money sending your construction materials to the landfill. Bring them to DKL Projects and we will give your materials a new life!


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