DKL Projects are a team of highly qualified professionals, specialising in the field of earthworks.

We not only have the knowledge and expertise required, but we offer a comprehensive amount of resources that help us take on projects in residential and commercial areas. From house pads and driveways to bulk excavations

A road roller operating in front of a pile of rubble and debris
The interior of a building that is being demolished with broken down walls and rubble, with a wheelbarrow in the foreground.


We’re well equipped to handle a range of commercial and residential demolitions as well as asbestos removal services.

With our high level of skill and experie KL Projects has the confidence to take on your project knowing that it will be done correctly, safely and on time.


Asbestos Removal

DKL Projects is ‘A’ Licenced to per
asbestos removal, giving you the
confidence that you are employing

If you’re renovating or demolishing a building that contains asbestos,you need to ensure that asbestos removal is performed competently and in accordance with Health & Safety requirements.

A worker on a step ladder in full protective gear performing asbestos removal
Reusable building materials

Recycling Building Materials

There’s no “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to sustainable building practices

When conducting our demolition projects, rather than just demolishing a building, loading the debris onto a truck and trailer, and sending it off to the skip, DKL Projects ensures that all re-usable materials are salvaged.


Second Hand Building Materials

Out with the old in with the new… but what if there is nothing wrong with the “old” or better yet, it can be used to create something new?

DKL Projects are committed to recycling, reusing, and reclaiming as many building materials as possible to play our part in engaging in sustainable building practices. Because of this, we have a wide range of reclaimed construction materials available for use in your next project.

Second Hand Building Materials