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DKL Projects are a team of highly qualified professionals, specialising in the field of earthworks

From house pads and driveways to bulk excavations.

We not only have the knowledge and expertise required, but we offer a comprehensive amount of resources that help us take on projects in residential and commercial areas. From house pads and driveways to bulk excavations.

Why Us?

Precise building site preparation is incredibly important and should not be taken lightly nor should it be prepared partially to reduce project costs.

We offer a custom approach to all land and lot clearing services, so our clients will be 100% satisfied.

If you are living in Auckland or nearby areas, DKL Projects got the right equipment to handle any residential or commercial excavation, big or small job.

Our Expertise

If you are looking for affordable excavating services, we offer the most competitive rates. We are unique in a way that our wide range of services will save you money and time wasted by working with multiple contractors.
Site Clearing

At DKL Projects, we can provide a cost effective solution to your site clearing requirements. Our services are available to the Auckland area and beyond if required. From old building sites to farm blocks, we have the equipment to take on any project.

Contaminated Site Remediation

If you have a contaminated site with Hydrocarbon, Asbestos or other contaminants that need to be removed, please call us for a no-obligation quote. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient removal of contaminants of your site.

Retaining Walls

We are composed of a team of experts who are highly knowledgeable and skilled to perform a wide variety of services such as retaining walls. Here at DKL Projects, we specialise in timber and keystone retaining walls.

Rock Breaking

Our experts offer a powerful yet safe and cost effective solution when it comes to rock breaking. We place a high priority on achieving the optimal results without compromising on the safety or the environment and aim to perform such tasks with minimal rock splatter, low noise levels and more.


Have a look at our past projects or contact us for references.

We offer a wide range of services specializing in large scale commercial and industrial demolition as well as smaller individual projects.